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Overview on Bruce’s talks

Thriving Motivation

How to Thrive at the Edge of Chaos

Bruce Whitfield likes to look at the world differently from most.

As South Africa enters its tenth recession in four decades, what does the future hold?

From January’s Ramaphoria, to March’s Ramareality and a now a spell of Ramaphobia, Bruce delivers an insightful, data-rich talk incorporating informative slides and video extracts of exclusive interviews carried out with some of South Africa’s original disruptors, people with serious entrepreneurial scars who share deep insights on how to run complex businesses while navigating the vagaries of policy and politics.

Bruce challenges audiences to seek opportunities in the chaos rather than capitulate into despair.

“A brief note to thank you for taking the time to present at our SSA Senior Leaders Conference on Wednesday. The insights you shared into the world of those South African companies and business leaders who successfully globalized their firms was extremely interesting and inspiring. We need more of this to shine a light on the opportunities and potential that exist here in South Africa.” -Marc Hussey JP Morgan MD Sub Saharan Africa

This 45 minute keynote is perfectly positioned to help management teams better navigate South Africa’s in-built complexity, and provides useful insights for investors seeking clarity in a sea of uncertainty.

(There is also a unique insight into the thinking of Christo Wiese in an interview done just a week before the collapse of Steinhoff.

This is a must-see talk.

Bruce Whitfield